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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Providing Steadfast Support with Real Estate Transaction Matters

Miller Berger, LLC provides comprehensive real estate services to buyers, sellers, investors, developers, landlords, and property managers. We skillfully assist our clients with the purchase, sale, development, leasing, management, and financing of residential and retail properties, office and medical buildings, manufacturing facilities, industrial land, and multifamily housing.

Key services include:​

  • Purchases and Sales: Assisting clients in the purchase or sale of all forms of residential and commercial properties, including the negotiation of purchase contracts, performance of due diligence, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Leasing: Drafting and negotiating lease agreements, addressing terms and conditions, rent structures, renewal options, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

  • Financing: Advising clients on financing and loan agreements.

  • Development and Construction: Providing legal counsel on land development projects, zoning regulations, permits, and approvals required for construction. Addressing legal issues related to land use, environmental regulations, and construction contracts.

  • Property Management: Advising clients on property management agreements, lease administration, tenant disputes, legal compliance, and evictions.

  • Land Use and Zoning: Providing guidance on zoning regulations, permits, approvals from local governmental authorities, and annexation/de-annexation. Attending zoning board meetings.

  • Real Estate Litigation: Representing clients in all manner of real estate disputes, including breach of contract claims, real property disclosure act claims, construction disputes, title issues, landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, and other related matters.

  • Environmental Compliance: Assisting clients with environmental regulations and obtaining NFR letters from the IEPA for contaminated properties.

  • Our team of real estate professionals work to ensure our clients receive expert guidance and representation throughout the entire real estate transaction or litigation process. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your particular real estate needs.

20 N. Clark Street, Suite 525 

Chicago, IL 60602

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