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Construction-Focused Solutions

Construction Related Matters

Miller Berger LLC has successfully represented a wide variety of parties in construction-related matters including:

  • Owners

  • General contractors

  • Construction managers

  • Subcontractors

  • Architects

  • Developers

  • Homeowners

In matters involving the following:

  • Architect & and engineering malpractice

  • Construction site accidents

  • Construction defects

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial transactions

  • Emergency response claims

  • Insurance coverage claims

  • OSHA violations

  • Property damage claims

  • Risk management & and safety


Our attorneys will draft your construction contract, litigate any dispute arising out of the project in state or federal court, work towards resolving any dispute via alternative dispute resolution and, if necessary, take your case to trial and through appeal.



Miller Berger LLC’s attorneys have been recognized for their exceptional work defending construction companies. Our successes have come in a wide variety of claims, ranging from contractual disputes and insurance coverage issues to property damage and wrongful death.




Miller Berger has extensive experience in construction surety litigation and is ready to assist with indemnity actions, default and payment claims, delay and consequential damage claims, and the negotiation of completion.

20 N. Clark Street, Suite 525 

Chicago, IL 60602

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